1. What is TRIGGY and what does it do?
  2. Triggy is a diet supplement designed for gamers, e-sports players and all those who want to extend the state of flow in their everyday activities. It supports the mind and body to ensure their maximum efficiency.

  3. How and how long does Triggy work?
  4. After about 20 minutes of drinking Triggy, the player becomes concentrated and positively energized. He or she thinks and reacts quickly and has a lot of energy and potential he or she can use to achieve even better results in the game. The positive effect lasts for up to 4 hours.

  5. How to prepare Triggy?
  6. Take 2 measures of Triggy (10 g). Pour into the shaker. Add up to 400 ml of water. After mixing, the drink is ready for consumption.

  7. Why are we superior in our category?
  8. Triggy is the only product in the market which ensures such a wide spectrum of stimulation and high assimilability and whose formula was created in accordance with the Clean Label idea. It does not contain sugar, colourings or fillers with strange-sounding names, so it is safe and does not cause the so-called glycemic crisis. In addition, it contains active ingredients that help to fight against oxidative stress.

  9. Why are our products better than energy drinks and coffee?
  10. These drinks contain a lot of caffeine, whose excessive amount can lead to irritability and insomnia. They acidify the body, removing vitamins and minerals, which results in fatigue and weakness and makes us reach for another portion of caffeine and sugar. Energy drinks are caloric bombs, as they contain a lot of sugar and artificial additives, such as preservatives, colourings, and flavour enhancers. Drinking them frequently can have a harmful effect on the body.
    Triggy does not contain sugar or fillers, only natural flavours and colourings. The carefully selected highest quality active ingredients contained in the formula work comprehensively to ensure long-lasting, maximum stimulation – safely.

  11. What are Triggy ingredients?
  12. The Triggy formula is based on 8 key ingredients: thiamine, caffeine, rutin, bitter orange extract as well as the highly digestible and most effective forms of amino acids: AAKG, L-carnitine, citrulline, lysine.
    The exact formulation of each of the Triggy products with a nutritional information chart can be found in the product card, in the Ingredients section.

  13. Can everyone drink Triggy?
  14. Everyone that feels tired, has concentration problems or weaker physical performance and needs a dose of positive energy. We do not recommend Triggy to people who should avoid caffeine, like children, pregnant women or breast-feeding mothers.

  15. How many portions of Triggy are in the can and how many in the pouches?
  16. The 300 g can contains as many as 30 portions of Triggy in your favourite flavour. One Triggy pouch is one portion.

  17. How many portions can you drink a day?
  18. Drink one portion of Triggy (10 g) once a day, before a game or physical activity.

  19. What is the Clean Label Formula and Natural Taste certificate?

  20. The Clean Label Formula is the idea of clean label. Products marked with it have a simple high quality formula. They do not contain unnecessary fillers, preservatives or sugar.
    Natural Taste means that the product only contain natural flavours such as strawberry or opuntia and natural colourings such as betanin. Zero chemicals.

  21. What are Triggy flavours?
  22. Triggy is available in 4 fruity flavours:

  23. How to order Triggy?
  24. You can order Triggy to be delivered via our online shop www.triggy.gg

  25. What payment methods are available?
  26. You can pay by transfer or via Przelew24 and PayPal systems.

  27. What delivery methods are available?
  28. Delivery methods to choose from:
    • DPD courier
    • InPost parcel pick-up stations

  29. Can I join the Triggy team?
  30. Show yourself, tag us on the Social Media and share your opinions on our products. #TeamTriggy #TriggyComunity Do you wish to work with us? Write to us: contact@triggy.gg