We believe that effectiveness and creativity are much related to the ability of making choices, including (or maybe most of all) nutritional ones. If you want your brain to work at full capacity, you must definitely support it.

The keen mind and cognitive abilities make up our identity and uniqueness! It’s best to act multidimensionally: physical and mental training as well as a healthy diet combined with smart supplementation.

The original formulas of Triggy supplements have been designed especially for gamers and e-sports players to help them make full use of their psychophysical potential and to facilitate the jump from the average to the above-average level.


We hadn’t found a product in the market that would meet our expectations so we decided to create it from scratch. While avoiding copying industry conventions, we have developed the unique formulas of supplements for all those who want to extend the state of flow in their everyday activities.

Against mediocrity:

  • We do not “disguise” available diet supplements using gamer labels!
  • If something has been included in the formula, it must have a specific function.
  • We do not fill our products with ingredients that have nice-sounding names but do not work (a long list of ingredients = low content = no effect).
  • We do not accept mediocrity – we have the best quality active ingredients.
  • We are brutally honest – it’s the only product like this in the market: simple, effective and safe.
  • We are not afraid of comparisons – check our ingredients and compare them with those used in competitive products!



A Polish footballer, who plays as a midfielder in the Italian Torino FC. He is a gamer and e-sports player – he plays everything: LoL, Counter-Strike, Fifa… And he's really great at it!

“Triggy allows you to make the most of your mental and physical skills. I know that it’s a safe product and not the one stuffed with artificial ingredients.”


Aktor, ojciec, pasjonat sportu i rywalizacji. Maratończyk, piłkarz, narciarz i bardzo niezawodowy gracz w Call of Duty:) Zaczynał od pożyczonego Winnning Eleven, potem była łupanka z kumplami w Tekkena, a skończyło się na absolutnej fascynacji serią Assassin. Na pewność są lepsi gracze, ale mało kto ma taką frajdę:)

“W swoim życiu, jako aktor, byłem już: żołnierzem, lekarzem, strażakiem, szlachcicem, masażystą, dowoziłem pizzę, a nawet pracowałem na platformie wiertniczej:) Za to w wirtualnym życiu walczyłem na frontach chyba wszystkich możliwych wojen, także tych galaktycznych, byłem kowbojem, piratem, wygrałem wszystkie możliwe mistrzostwa, nie zawsze na hardzie, ale zawsze wygrany:))”



The ESPOT Studio is the gaming heart of Warsaw located in its very centre, in the Powiśle Power Station. E-sport productions combine the world of lifestyle with the world of gaming. Several dozen computers and many attractions are waiting for you!

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